Why Are Web Application Pen Tests Performed?


Many infrastructures’ crucial components are web apps. They collect, transport, and store information. Additionally, they are vulnerable to attackers who can identify weaknesses. In light of this, how reliable is your connectivity? How thoroughly has it been examined, too?

Penetration screening is a crucial method for identifying these vulnerabilities before malevolent hackers do. During Web Application Pen Tests assessment, the employment of technology and the safety of the programming used to create the apps are both evaluated. According to specialists in the industry, there are normally four key areas investigated.

  • Vulnerability for injection.
  • Login failure.
  • Insufficient permission
  • and incorrect handling of errors.

Unfortunately, there are flaws in your coders. On rare occasions, they will develop your apps incorrectly. An external partner conducts a pen test, which functions as a point of reference for your group’s activity. Another defense against attack weaknesses is penetration examination. With PCI DSS but also HIPAA conformance apps, penetration analysis is necessary. It is unquestionably among the greatest procedures you can use to protect your system from hackers.

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What Could Have Been Avoided by Pen Testing?

Every day, online Web Application Pen Tests are the target of cyberattacks. Not all attempts are successful, but they might have been if they had done a vulnerability assessment.

The Panama Papers leak made news in 2016 for the information it disclosed as well as the complete disregard for online application security. The hack exposed information on how some affluent people were able to hide their money in shell corporations. A weak plugin for a content administration system allowed for the intrusion. Hackers like Apple wouldn’t have been able to access the program and steal the data if the component had been upgraded and protected.

The Equifax hack was another situation that it might have avoided entirely. Hackers breached the system via a web application flaw. The user’s patch was accessible but was out of date. This provided entry to the organization’s widely used business platform, Apache Struts, which is leveraged for web applications. Rene Gielen, the vice president of Apache Struts, deflected responsibility, claiming that “most intrusions we learn about are caused by failing to update subprograms that have been recognized to be susceptible for weeks or even years.”

Why Is Third-Party Testing Necessary?

Although many businesses may perform local penetration testing, it is less effective than a private entity. It’s not a new pair of eyes looking at your team’s existing code and apps. It’s similar to editing your own writing. Your programmers are often subject matter and application specialists, but they lack expertise in cybersecurity and penetration testing. This is the reason you want experts who have received specialized training to conduct the pentest.

What to Search for in a Supplier for Web Application Pen Tests?

In an effort to identify weaknesses without revealing data, a penetration assessment business employs methods similar to those used by hackers. Of course, pen testing can only be as effective as the people doing it, so here are a few qualities to search for:

  • Ensure that the company’s auditors have undergone criminal record checks and possess the necessary certifications, such as ECSA, CISSP, OSCP, CSSLP, LPT, and CEH.
  • Ask the analysts what they’ll do with the knowledge and relevant data discovered throughout the testing. This data belongs to you. Thus one must protect it. Learn how it is handled and handled.
  • Ask how the product’s quality is guaranteed. Regardless of how many items were discovered or how few, you must verify that the examiners were comprehensive. Thus you must receive a complete report. You’ll feel much more secure with a companion who promises results, or the exam is free.
  • Find a partner who can expertly describe how to solve weaknesses. You’re not just searching for a list, though. To help you in addressing the difficulties, your tester must be competent.
  • Seek out a supplier who can supply you with continual guidance on cybersecurity and the latest dangers. When you have a real relationship, you might have more optimism for the future.

Learn more about their approach and system testing procedures. The seven main steps of the approach are those.

  • Organizing and preparing.
  • Observation or discovery.
  • Vulnerability Documentation.
  • First-round exploitation
  • Deeper Penetration/Expanding Foothold.
  • Cleanup.
  • Creating reports.

Penetration Testing: A Vital Component of a Successful Cybersecurity Risk Control Framework

The instruments used in information security are numerous. Every scenario is attempted to be addressed by robust software. One of your methods is penetration analysis, which has a number of advantages:

  • Identifying areas of vulnerability in the system, application, and users to create controls.
  • Ensuring the effectiveness of installed measures and providing CISOs with a sense of security.
  • Identifying coding errors before attackers do.
  • Finding new issues in the software that is already in use and figuring out what upgrades will cure weak areas.

Why Is Penetration Testing Necessary For Your Web Apps?

Penetration testing is not just to identify the vulnerabilities in your systems for data security. It also evaluates the effectiveness of your security guidelines and practices.

  • Try out your workforce

Data security personnel can obtain expertise in handling a possible breach by participating in penetration testing. It will evaluate how well your rules are being applied when done secretly. They’ll let you know whether your staff members require more education or training in data security protocols.

  • Try out your guidelines

Penetration testing makes your protection policy’s shortcomings clear. For instance, some organizational rules place more emphasis on avoiding and identifying assaults than on stopping an already underway attack. In this case, a pen tester will reveal whether your security staff has the tools required to eliminate a thief from your network in time to limit serious harm.

  • Set spending priorities for security

Security testing cohesive data allows you to allocate your security budget by highlighting the weakest points in your online applications. The reports help developers of web apps see errors and hone their programming skills. Developers may create web apps that are more robust and secure after they understand how the attacker is capable of accessing their app.


Your company is probably in serious danger if you don’t frequently pen-test your online apps and the entire system. Security for Web Application Pen Tests is no longer delightful; it is a requirement, especially now. The findings of your initial pentest will undoubtedly be shocking, revealing flaws you were unaware existed.

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1. What is a web application penetration test?

An illegal hacking activity called a web-based application penetration assessment is used to evaluate web apps’ structure, layout, and setup. Analyses are conducted to find cyber security concerns that could expose data to illegal users or both.

2. When ought pen testing be performed?

Generally speaking, a pen test must be carried out just before a program is placed into operation once it is no longer constantly being changed. It should ideally test any program or system before being placed into service.

3. Why is web app penetration testing necessary?

Due to the fact that they prepare employees for any hostile attack, penetration exams are crucial to a company’s security. Pen tests are a way to assess how successful a company’s security measures are.


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