Defensive Cyber Security Services

Business Reputation

Fake and counterfeit products not only endanger your brand value and consumer trust, but can also put other lives in danger.

Our services help you to protect against counterfeiters, copyright pirates, and infringers of other types of IP, such as patents, design rights, color marks and trade dress, counterfeit products, fake social media profiles, rouge websites similar to your domain, social media impersonation.

We do fully custom Monitoring, analysis, enforcement, and reporting services tailored to meet the requirements of your brand.

How we create Value for clients:

  1. Our Brand Protection services allow you to optimize your workflow and concentrate on the essential elements of your product.
  2. Our services can prioritize the threats to your brand and focus on high-risk target.


We help to enforce by removing infringements automatically and at a large scale

Business Reputation

Internal Landscape

OT Security

Industrial control systems (ICS) devices and networks that manage different industrial processes are critical in maintaining operations and revenue streams for a manufacturing organization. Compromise of industrial systems, such as supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, distributed control systems (DCS), and various customized applications, can have massive consequences for an organization, making them attractive targets for cyberattacks.

Our OT Security services enables you to SEE the devices, DETECT threats and UNIFY across all your OT for improved resilience through the OEM solutions and our Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Services.

We offer Scalable SaaS-Powered Security and Visibility of OT and IoT Networks which helps you to protect any number of OT, IoT, IT, edge and cloud assets, anywhere. It delivers immediate awareness of cyber threats, risks, and anomalies you need to detect and respond quickly and ensure cyber resilience.

Value Preposition

  • Automatically Track Your OT and IoT Assets
  • Quickly Detect and Disrupt Threats and Anomalous Behavior
  • Significantly Improve OT and IoT Risk Management
  • Readily Scale with Optimal Performance

Attack Path Management

You can see exposed and vulnerable assets in your organization, but you cannot see how attacker will traverse through those devices to perform attack.

We uncover the full attack path. We enable you to see all ways, and help closure of exposures of today, to prevent the attacks of tomorrow.

We offer continues monitoring of attack surface provides Continuous Risk Monitoring, Enables Safe Automated monitoring of entire network, provides comprehensive attack modelling from any breach point to critical asset, enables you to move from Proactive security model to rapidly prioritize and respond to risk, provides hybrid coverage across on-prem and multi cloud in a single console.

The process of attack path management, starts with putting out foothold and understand your environment, then collect and correlate all exposures onto a attack graph, identification of compromised security control gaps and assets, crawling all environments, reporting of business risks and finally prioritization of remedies. The real outcome is a chokepoint in your landscape which can create serious trouble for business.

SOC Design and Implementation

The one-size & one-strategy fits all Security Operations Center no longer works.

Many organizations buys many different tools for their SOC design but they struggle because the tool was not best-fit for them, the tools are not properly configured, there is a lack of integration between those many tools, the responsibility matrix, process mapping around the SOC tool has not done properly.

Even with greater awareness of the need to reduce the number of tools and connect the ones that are needed, the continuing talent shortage pulls down these well-intentioned efforts.

We design SOC in 7 steps:

  • Development of SOC Strategy for you
  • Design of your SOC solution.
  • Create processes, procedures, and training very specific to your environment.
  • Preparation of your environment
  • Implementation of solutions
  • Deploy and test end-to-end use cases
  • Maintain and evolve your solution.

During this whole course of SOC Design we also focus on your operating needs:

  • Operating Model – discusses the various factors that need to be considered when designing a SOC.
  • Onboarding – provides guidance on how to determine what logs/information should or could be made available to a SOC and introduces the use of attack trees to help you intelligently make decisions about log sources.
  • Detection – discusses the various approaches in detecting cyber attacks.
  • Threat Intelligence – touches on some of the common issues around threat intelligence and explores the value it adds to a SOC.
  • Incident Response and Management – builds on existing guidance and discusses how it fits into the SOC as a whole.

Security Architecture Review

There is a possibility that due to invisible holes in your IT Infrastructure, the attackers are finding it at ease to break into.

These security holes are due to wrongly configured or poorly designed IT Infrastructure. Most of the time it happens because of the lack of time and lack of strong reviews by cyber security experts.

Valuesec experts provides practical recommendations, prioritization and solution for architecture road-map for your existing Infrastructure and upcoming infrastructure.

The most common bottleneck is complex recommendations given by Cyber security vendors post infra-assessment which are almost next to impossible to configure because of multiple dependencies and legacy systems. Our experts assign risk ratings to each identified not only on probability and impact but also on overall disruption in terms of brand value loss, dollar value loss and operations loss. That helps IT teams to pin point on the most relevant cyber security hole in Infrastructure.

Source Code Review

Find Gaps Even Before Pushing Application to Production.

The development team in organization generally rely on code quality testing tools which is not capable to discover the gaps which leads to exploitation of the application. The code quality tool is more focussed towards finding bugs and errors.

We use a blended approach, automated testing as well as manual testing, that provides full coverage of your code for review. Not only do we focus on finding technical errors, but also, we spend the time to look for any business logic errors in your code.

We have a proven secure code review methodology which starts with interaction with developers, end-to-end coverage of code, analysing third party libraries, manual assessment, automated assessment, technical and business logic bugs & code standards checks. This process helps us to check the design for weaknesses and flaws, like legacy interoperability or insecure architectural dependencies that may result in a security compromise.

Manual review of code is augmented by, where applicable, automated static analysis via commercial, custom-built, and open-source tools.

Incident Response Planning

Curated Incidence Response Plan, Faster Than Ever

One of the characteristics of the organizations where large-scale data breach has happened is lack of a solid and tested Incident Response Plan.

A Cyber mature organization understands that cyber incidents are not a matter of “If” but “when”. Valuesec experts create a comprehensive Incident plan in three phases Discovery, Build and Test which has sharp focus on responding to an incident. This plan is tailored specifically to your unique environment and operational needs.

Just like quarterly fire drill in organizations, we include the periodic testing of Incident Response Plan as a mandatory step which helps to solidify it further.

We also help in testing your existing Incident Response plan by mimicking real attacks.

Vulnerability Management

Gain Visibility from Attackers' Perspective

The open and unpatched vulnerabilities are sweet spots for attackers. In order to saw those vulnerabilities, we need to see like attackers.

Our expert team gives you the perspective from attacker point of view, and that help you to immediately take corrective actions.

In a penetration test, the risks are exploited to bring the POC on the table for your IT Team. Pen Testing is done normally once in a quarter or every year. In contrast, vulnerability assessments can identify, quantify and prioritize technical gaps in your IT Landscape more frequently. This enable your IT team to mitigate and minimize those vulnerabilities before attacker can exploit them.

We go above and beyond the automated vulnerability scanners by putting real humans on job, scanning manually and therefore minimizing the false positives. The automated scanners have limitations and they can’t check cyber holes beyond a certain point, for Example: OTP(One time Password) Bypass gap, concurrent logins, timeout are some of the many gaps which can’t be detected by automated Scanners.

We recommend enterprises not to rely completely on the commercially available scanners. It does not cover those yet to be discovered and thus cannot protect you from new threats, and also these tools can’t always detect complex attack vectors in their current generation of capabilities.

Another big pitfall is, automated vulnerability scanners fail to provide information on the operational implications of a detected vulnerability. Instead, they report the basic attack information and provide limited mitigation options to restore the affected systems.

Our Vulnerability Scan Service contains the benefits of an automated tool and the expertise of security professional.

External Landscape

Cloud Security

You got your environment on Multiple Clouds, Have many accounts, Runtimes & Tools.

What are your options for evaluating Cyber Risks before moving to cloud OR doing a post movement assessment?

We do risk assessment of any cloud from Build to Runtime.

Misconfigurations, Container Security, Attack Paths, Identity Management, Secrets Detection – All in one place with our services.

Our solution covers Image Security, Container Misconfig and Container Runtime Security. We ensure your EKS, AKS, GKE, Digital Ocean Kubernetes or any flavour of Kubernetes based workloads are secure from the time your images are built in your CI platform to all the way of their runtime execution.