Manage your security services with us

Get actionable insights on your security posture, fast and at a very competitive cost.

Defensive Cyber Security Solutions

We help you to identify technology solutions that will provide the best levels of   protection, look to reduce complexity, simplify management and   aid rapid response and remediation to protect the business.

Offensive Cyber Security Solutions

  We preemptively identify vulnerabilities and security weaknesses before an attacker   exploits them

Enterprise Applications

We provide expert services for your CISO Office and help you to drive your security   strategy in a vendor agnostic way.

  • End to End SOC Setup from Scratch
  • DLP [ Data Leakage Prevention ]
  • Data Classification
  • Docker and Kubernetes Security
  • Cloud Continuous Monitoring
  • Attack Path Management
  • UEM [ Unified Endpoint Management ]
  • DRM [ Digital Rights Management ]
  • MDM [ Mobile Device Management ]
  • SIEM [ Security Information and Event Management ]
  • EDR [ Endpoint Detection and Response ]
  • XDR [ Extended Detection and Response ]
  • Email Security
  • OT Security
  • Web App Firewalls

Compliance Services

We help you to assess your security program against the current regulations and  laws, security controls & various maturity models.

  • Data Integrity Audits
  • IT Audits
  • Regulatory Compliance

Infrastructure Services

We provide end to support(Purchase to Managed Services) in Infrastructure components, security hardware devices, datacenter installation/services.

  • Perimiter Security Devices and Firewalls (Juniper, Palo Alto, Checkpoint, Fortigate)
  • Routing and Switching Devices (Juniper, Palo Alto, Checkpoint, Fortigate)

  • Server Hardware (Dell, IBM, HP)

  • Load Balancers (Big IP, F5)

  • Storage (SAN/SAN)

  • WAF