Cyber Risk Assessment

Cyber Security Program Assessment

Valuesec Security Program Assessment provides and unbiased and independent maturity assessment of your enterprise existing cyber security program. We cover 5 core areas: Security Architecture, Security Governance, Cyber Défense Capabilities, Risk Management and Change Management.

Our Security Program Assessment yields best practices, scorecard against each area, recommendations to improve your security posture.

One of the USP of this program is extensive interview session with various employees at different levels in all business domains, along with some key members from hard of business units. This helps us to gauge the human resiliency factor in your enterprise as this is one of the biggest contributors in shaping the right cyber strategy.

Crown Jewels Security Assessment

A crown jewel is one of the highest-value assets for your business which by all means is contributing significantly in your revenue, if compromised, could cause major impact to the organization. Cyber Security conscious leaders have realized that prioritizing their crown jewels and creating a custom risk profile for these assets is one of the top priorities for their business.

Valuesec experts help identify your organization’s crown jewels and create a custom risk profile from both strategic and informational point of view. Our experts also provide a focused roadmap so you can better protect your organization’s critical assets.

Threat Modelling Security Service

Threat modelling works to identify, communicate, and understand threats and mitigations within the context of protecting something of value. It identifies the types of threat agents that cause harm and adopts the perspective of malicious hackers to see how much damage they can do.

Valuesec experts looks beyond the typical conventional list of cyber-attacks to think about new and emerging attacks or attacks that may not have otherwise been considered.

We understand that every enterprise has a different risk tolerance and risk profile, therefore we tailor our approach to your specific needs, budget and your in-house capabilities to manage cyber security area.

Our USP lies in application of our Threat Modelling Process to across lifecycle of business process, development, IT systems, people, partners and supply chain.

Business Process Cyber Risk Assessment

Valuesec Business Process Risk Advisory practice assists clients in streamlining business processes & increasing the potential of implemented solutions without fear of being attacked by a cyber adversary.

We begin with business process as baseline and we end up performing an asset-based risk assessment. For example, a SaaS product company will likely have strong processes covering consumer support. It is highly likely that there are risks that exist solely at the process level, including the risk of an employee in a application support role being socially engineered into resetting and disclosing an account password.

We Cover below (but not limited to)

  1. Enterprise ERP process review
  2. Controls in various business apps
  3. Delegations
  4. Automated GRC solutions
  5. Duties of employees and how they behave for cyber risks
  6. Business Continuity and fault tolerance
  7. DLP – Data Leakage Protection Planning
  8. DRM – Digital Rights Management Planning

Threat and Vulnerability Management​

Valuesec has a unique approach to vulnerability management which talks about plugging those holes first which can drastically reduce your cyber risk, instead of supplying you a big laundry list of vulnerabilities to fix.

We understand the pain area of IT Leaders when it comes to fixing 20 critical vulnerabilities in organization, with limited understanding from partner about which vulnerability to close first and which one next. We give you not only severity, but priority also. That means, we equip you with fastest ever method to uplift your cyber maturity score.

We offer a range of vulnerability management programs, starting from one time establishment of vulnerability management program with the help of right technical tools and processes and a 100% managed vulnerability management program which will continuously monitored your landscape.

Cloud Security Assessment

Cloud misconfigurations continue to be the root cause of many cloud data breaches worldwide. Threat actors are constantly trying to exploit ineffective cloud configuration settings to gain access to data and disrupt workloads. Misconfigurations happens due to human error or by not following best practices.

Enterprise are moving towards vendor agnostic multi-cloud, hybrid-cloud approach which is leading to a common issue which is: How to have a single eye on various cloud environment and how to set a benchmark to establish optimum security. Also, with advancement of cyber threats the need for cloud continuous monitoring solutions is also on rise.

Valuesec provides impeccable cloud risk assessment services which enhances enterprise cyber defenses by evaluating cloud architectures and configurations, identifying security threats and validating technology controls relevant to your cloud-hosted environments.

Our Cloud Security services offers:

  1. Tactical Guidelines
  2. Hardened Environment
  3. Relevant Threats
  4. Comprehensive recommendations.


Our cyber risk assessment yield truly relevant outcomes which helps to shape your cyber strategy pivoted on your business goals.

The assessment yields the curated action items for board members as well as IT heads which eventually helps to fix the big problem areas like where to start, what to do, what technology to buy, how to manage tools, how to measure success, possibility of brand erosion, tagging $ value with crown jewels, weak points, leakage points, and Summary Scorecard for Identify,   Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover  metrices.

As a result, we empower your business to become a digital disruptor without fear of being disrupted from cyber attacks and adversaries, safely explore business processes automation, leverage AI and ML capabilities for business, and cloud security, and modernize your current security practices. Our program also help you meet various regulatory compliance requirements and security regulations, and drive higher ROI from your security investments.