Offensive Cyber Security Services

Know the Unknown and Understand the Consequences!

Many organizations get breached despite having good cyber defense tools & processes. The cyber security market is flooded with technical solutions for cyber defense and every year there is a better version coming in market, but yet the breaches are on rise. Why?

How do you know the cyber defense you have put in place inside your environment is good enough to protect you from modern day cyber- attacks?

With our offensive testing services, get unprecedented visibility into your web apps, infrastructure, Wi-Fi, mobile apps, containers, cloud and in-house built applications. Valuesec security professionals simulate the behaviour of a sophisticated attacker to identify complex vulnerabilities. We resolve discovered flaws and provide solutions for long-term best practices.

Rely on our comprehensive suite of offensive security services to assess, identify, illuminate, hunt, protect, mitigate and strengthen your capabilities to multidimensional threats across whole IT and business landscape of your organization.

We offer a range of offensive security services and capabilities: